Potpourri for the senses- the Forest after Rain
Lyssa in the wild azaelas. They smell as scrumptious in their decay as they did when they were blooming.

Rain brings color and life to my forest- brilliant glowing yellows and greens, deep warm reds, fertile browns and blacks. In some places the air is so fragrant with life that I’m almost dizzy.

Crazy quilt in yellow, green and brown.

I think my dogs must be on aroma overload with their exquisitely sensitive noses- how do they manage to deal with all the richness and variety? (If only they had more sensitivity about choosing what aromas to roll in…. Sigh. There’s no accounting for taste!)

Pippi hazza stick!

I spent the afternoon down in the canyon with the girls and the camera. Here’s a sample of what we found (smells not included…)

Bark of the Yew tree with a lizard petroglyph
The trees have green furry coats.
Big leaf maple leaf on a fern.
More little brown jobs. Not for eating.
Long Branch Creek is flowing nicely.
If I was an elf I’d want to live here.
Fallen tree continues to support life for many years after it dies.
My all time #1 favorite tree is the Madrone- it’s always lovely no matter the season.


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