Cure for Cabin Fever

5 inches of rain in 24 hours was a gift from the Goddess but there was a small price to pay: Cabin Fever!

Clinical Signs: Dark circles under the eyes, stiff creaky joints,
vague restlessness, irritability and inability to focus. An annoying thumping sound coming from the back porch…. what the heck is that? Lyssa and Pippi are out there busily dismantling the woodpile and dropping logs on the deck which is their way of trying to get my attention to tell me that we need to go for a walk- NOW!

Sigh…Resistance, as they say, is  Futile. Fortunately the cure for my condition is not far away; we’re in between storms, the sun is shining, and those dogs aren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer! Dogs know….Jenkinson watermarked-6

I’m not ready to deal with the fresh white blanket of powder that
just got dumped on the higher elevations, so I head for Jenkinson Lake
again. Dogs, leashes, camera, snacks, and boots (in case its muddy- lol!).

Now this is more like it:

Jenkinson watermarked-12




Jenkinson watermarked-13




Jenkinson watermarked-14











Jenkinson watermarked-16Jenkinson watermarked-8



Jenkinson watermarked-9



Jenkinson watermarked-15  Dogs Know!

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