A camera for a house!

Going for a walk!

The New Camera!

I traded a house for a camera! Well, not quite, but I got your attention didn’t I!

The Friday before last we sold my folks’ old house, the one Glenn and I bought 8 years ago so that they would have the cash they needed to buy admission to a facility where Mom could get the care she needed. It took us 8 years to fully disengage ourselves and them from the property, but at last it has new owners who will love it as much as my folks did. I am relieved of having to be an absentee landlord, and I got a little bit of cash back. So Saturday I went shopping, of course! Among the assets I inherited from my father are stubbornness, sturdy knees and a love of photography, and I believe he would have been all in favor of the purchase. It’s a full frame Nikon D750 with all the bells and whistles.
As soon as I got the battery charged up I went outside to play with it down in the canyon behind our house, with the dogs. I found plenty of stuff to shoot and was really happy with the results…

Yellow dog-tooth violet
Pippi sees a squirrel. She has a few mosquitoes which I didn’t see until I got home and looked at the pictures on the big screen!
A red newt is going for a hike too.
My thinking spot


The second day I started reading the manual, (about 458 pages!) and learned how to shoot butterflies on the wing, and some other stuff.

Swallowtail butterfly visiting the fireweed in the garden
Partner is almost 16! I promised him a cake.


The third day I read the manual some more, and figured out how to edit Nikon RAW files in Adobe Lightroom…

Hank likes to split wood. He does a little bit every day.
The tractor has been put away for the summer.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll take it out of the back yard…

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  1. I love the photo of your thinking spot. It’s almost three dimensional! I can’t wait to see the photos you take. Enjoy

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